Textual Notes

This page represents a list view of the complete set of Textual Notes that are linked within the text of the play.

Each Note also provides a link to the placement within the text.

Dramatis Personae, “Mat of the Mint”: The text alternates between “Mat” and “Matt,” and there is no clear way to establish which one Gay prefers.  We might seek an answer from instances where he is referred to by another character, but this does not clarify matters. For instance, in I.iii., Peachum, reading from his list of the gang, refers to him as “Mat” while Macheath addresses him as “Matt” in III.iv.  The abbreviation of his name in his speeches alternates between “Mat.” and “Matt.” within a couple of lines in II.1 in FE and SE, though altered in TE.  However, there is an instance in the Dramatis Personae in III.15 where TE uses “Mat.” The spellings are thus left as they are in the FE, since no case can be made for the correction in the name of consistency or avoiding semantic confusion.